Accelerate your
Cloud migration

Proactive's proven cloud migration capabilities empower you to focus on growth, and effectively move your enterprise forward by delivering higher business value.

Business Intelligence meets Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of next-gen cloud computing, with resources automatically scaled and allocated according to your changing needs.

Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence

Proactive employs AI to make BI more human and conversational as you take your data intelligence to the next level.

🧠 Collective Intelligence

Proactive has built a culture of data democracy, self-service, and community to benefit all users collectively.

💵 Monetization

Make a positive impact on business by monetizing your data to drive better outcomes. Use data visualization and insights to improve corporate decision making at all levels.

🏆 No hidden fees

With scalable, elastic computing models, you pay only for the resources that your business actually needs and consumes.

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