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Aggressive, conversion-driven paid search marketing

Pay Per Click Advertising

We have extensive experience in many different industries for optimizing pay per click campaigns and increasing ROI. We will streamline your accounts with Google Adwords® & MSN Ad Center®, as well as your social media advertising, so you can enjoy savings now and for years to come. If you don't have any accounts yet, we will create new accounts custom-tailored for your business.

📈 Conversion-Driven PPC Management

We understand the value of a high clickthrough rate and strong Quality Score. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the ROI. Our priority will be to increase your lead flow and lower the cost per conversion... period.

📜 No Long Term Contracts

Full Transparency. Our contracts are month to month. Our clients maintain full access to their accounts.

📞 1-800 Call Tracking

Proactive offers a phone call tracking platform that is the perfect solution to track off-site campaign effectiveness.

🚀 Pay For Performance Programs

Pay For Perfomance & "Pay Per Call" has added another dimension to the online marketing industry and Proactive is constantly researching and testing available networks and practices. Both of these are true pay for performance programs since the advertisers are only charged per sale/lead rather than click.

💲 Low on Fees, High on Success

We are able to maintain high levels of success while still charging some of the lowest fees in our industry. Average client duration with Evelop Consulting is well over 12 months. References available upon request. Contact us to see if you qualify for "No Setup Fees" management contract.

💬 No Keyword Limit

Beware of companies who offer low prices but limit the number of keywords or ad groups that you can have in your account. These are success limiting constraints that result in higher costs long-term. Our clients have no limits on the number of keywords or ad groups that we manage.

⚠️ Click Fraud Monitoring

We monitor client campaigns for click fraud, and have successfully obtained refunds in cases where click fraud was detected.

🚫 No Outsourcing

While we understand the value of outsourcing for certain types of work, none of our pay per click management and maintenance is outsourced. All work is performed by qualified senior account managers located here, in the United States of America.

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Agency Level Adwords® Support

Having trouble contacting Google Adwords? As a Certified Google Partner, Evelop Consulting receives priority phone & email support on their accounts. Our managers are up to date with the latest quality score changes that can save you significant cost per click in your Google Adwords campaign.

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