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Why SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which we help websites to rank well for the keywords that best represent their content in "natural search results." The natural search results are those which show up in the main body of the page when searching on Google. This set is completely separate from "sponsored results" or "pay-per-click" search results, and the best way to improve your site's natural rankings is through SEO.

From a marketing standpoint, the goal of SEO is to position the website as high as possible in the natural results for the search phrases that best convert into sales, leads, or another action.

⚙️ SEO Setup

A comprehensive evaluation of your keywords, site content and organization, link profile, and suggestions for any changes that will help your SEO campaign.

Content Creation

We evaluate and propose different methods of creating content for your website. We have a team of writers available who can write on many different topics.

💹 Monitoring and Reporting

We check each client's rankings for targeted keywords and create detailed reports showing changes in position over the course of the month, and new links acquired.

📋 Local Business Listings

We help all of our SEO clients to maximize their natural search presence with high ranking Google "local business listings" (those that show up next to the Google map in Google's search results).

🔗 Link Building

We suggest many different methods of building links, and let our clients choose from amongst them.

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