Development Solutions
Understanding AI & ML and crafting a holistic solution.

Automated Solutions

Automation simplifies business operations and makes them more efficient. Innovation is accelerated by making processes more intelligent. Proactive can build an automated solution that is tailored for you collaboratively with our industry leading expert consultants to support you.

With Proactive's AI expertise and automated decision intelligence, all key decision makers can now collaborate in extracting business value from data. It can help your company become more innovative, serve your customers better, work more effectively with your partners, and impact your bottom line and top line, both.

Automate and democratize the creation of advanced machine learning models that incorporate our world-class data science expertise.

Many organizations struggle with getting the transformational power of AI into the hands of key decision makers. As a result, significant opportunities are missed to understand customer requirements and acquisition, optimize processes, and drive better business results, efficiently.

Empower your organization to control and consume the output of a predictive model in a whole new way.

Make decisions faster and more intelligently in a way that reflects your terms and philosophy. We also realize the importance of human interaction at critical points in automated decision processes. This is a sparingly used option but is greatly welcomed by customers and adds a huge value to an automated solution.

The future of business depends on AI. To make it a game changer, build smart workflows that match smart people with machine learning.

Conversational AI

Create Perceptive, unmatched user experiences. Deliver exceptional personalized experiences with Conversational AI.

Conversational AI is changing the way we engage with customers – improving reach, responsiveness and personalization. Sales, marketing and leaders are leveraging these technologies to achieve unusual gains in customer experience, self-service and operations. This all turns into more customer acquisition and low customer attrition rate.

Improve interactions across all your customer touchpoints.

Proactive helps you select best customer facing process, prioritize different channels, developing and applying smart architecture strategy. We also help your organization to adapt these technologies to meet customer's expectations, efficiently and with cost savings.

Challenges to AI-ML adoption:

  • Understanding of technology and solution
  • Talent shortage that understands business and technology integration
  • Limited maturity of ML infrastructure and processes
  • Most ML techniques are data hungry
  • Deep learning is not explainable

This is where Proactive's extensive consulting experience comes in handy, to tackle these issues on your behalf, identify issues relevant to you, identify risks and mitigate them, help you decide if ML can really help your business processes and automate the decision making.

Proactive's Solutions

Proactive's AI Project Stages

  • Discovery and Assessment
  • Plan, Collect and Prep
  • Design and Test (Proof of Concept)
  • Deployment
  • Improve and Maintenance

Our Approach

We bring years of consulting experience and expertise to AI solutions across multiple industries. Our goal is to help you create unique positive customer experiences, increase operational efficiency, and optimize any or all potential outcomes. Our major emphasis is to focus on the business problem and provide effective smart solutions critical to the success of your organization.

Our Solutions

Using the correct data sets, applying correct models and algorithms to incorporate data intelligence and optimal testing, and providing highly relevant recommendations and insights can be made automated. Our solutions provide the best customer experience as well the best possible recommendation efficiently for stakeholders. We also realize the potential for human interjection at any given point in automated decision process. Although it is rare, it is welcomed by customers and adds a huge value to an automated solution.

Your Success is Our Success

Our goal is to solve complex customer challenges by providing customized, cost effective and efficient solutions. We build relationships. From project inception through implementation, we partner with you, to deliver cloud based hybrid innovative solutions for your long lasting success.

Our domain of expertise in strategy, design, architecture, data, systems integration, operations and program management along with our extensive knowledge of multiple sectors and domains.

Through innovative integration and orchestration of intelligent, autonomous and robotic capabilities at the system level. Identifying correct set of data is most important aspect of autonomous capabilities. Our consultants can help you identify possibilities, limitations and risks to your business.

To be successful in AI implementation, consultants need to understand client's business and business processes. That is why Proactive has been successful for last almost 30 years in multi sectors. The Proactive team will understand what is important to you, what your pain points are and what your goals are.

You may wonder how AI can help you with flexibility, decision making, speed, scale and personalization. Proactive can help you develop AI strategy, Issues and Risks beforehand. Having thorough understanding of Why, What and How is very important to be successful. Any successful AI implementation project requires detailed planning, correct sets of data, model and predetermined outputs for better decision making through understanding and reducing bias and harness predictive signals in data.

Common AI Use Cases

Developing smarter products. Developing smarter services. Making business processes more intelligent and efficient. Many companies are inclined to carry out advanced ML solutions (neural networks) along with custom AI solutions to stay competitive in the market. Analytics is essential to improve the bottom lines so that you can increase the efficiency of your business operations.

Some known Industry wide examples of AI-ML projects:


AI and machine learning technologies plays a huge role in healthcare and digital transformation. With the algorithms of machine learning techniques, it will be easier to collect and store more data and detect more patterns that are difficult for humans. For example, radiological scans can be read by computer. This ML based algorithms can be helpful for diabetes patients, in Radiology, Pathology Labs, Patient Screening, etc.

Data Security

Identifying malware based on previously used codes in earlier versions and the rate of changing files. The learning models can detect malware accurately form information stored in clouds, and thus, they are able to report anomalies to indicate the breaches.

Smart cars

Autonomous intelligent cars with IoT.

Financial trading

Predicting market trends in advance on a particular day. Proprietary systems can help execute high volume trades at high speed, “Algo-trading”.

Fraud detection

Companies like PayPal are taking the help of ML to avoid money laundering understanding the difference between fraudulent and legit transactions that take place between the sellers and buyers.

Marketing Personalization

Digital transformation companies in the USA tend to use ML algorithm to analyze your recent watching habits on content provider's platform. It helps them to understand your choices about the programs or products and based on that they provide you with better recommendations by targeted digital ads. Win-Win situation.

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