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Let us help you migrate your office suite to the cloud and modernize your content

Is the Microsoft Office Cloud Calling to You?

Proactive has been helping clients create successful, high adoption, truly collaborative platforms using Microsoft SharePoint and Office technologies since 2001. From that depth of experience we know what works and what doesn't for different needs.

Moving your email system, your documentation, or your SharePoint content into the Microsoft Office Cloud may save you money as well as modernize the way your organization works together. But it just may not be right for you. Some things can migrate seamlessly, while some involve a transformation of practices as well as technology. Let us help you decide whether it makes sense for you and just how to accomplish it if it does make sense.

Goals & Preparation

What should you do first before migrating to the Microsoft Office Cloud? The success of most migrations rests on the same critical success factors having to do with proper preparation. We've seen the mistakes companies make due to inadequate planning and we've learned from them and can help you avoid them as well.

Can you envision what your content will look like in the Microsoft Office Cloud? How your employees can work together more collaboratively using new technologies? Let us help you craft your vision both realistically and achievably.

By taking advantage of Azure and Office 365 we can help you:

  • Assess your environment before migrating, to identify potential issues
  • Consolidate your Active Directory to best serve your needs
  • Migrate your email system seamlessly
  • Administer your Office 365 or help train your administrators
  • Migrate your documents and SharePoint content
  • Modernize the way your company works together

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