Operations Solutions
You can’t manage what you don’t keep information on.

Management & Preparedness

There is no bigger risk than not knowing for sure what assets you have to support and secure. Proactive can help you build and maintain an accurate inventory of all your IT assets so you can gain true control over them.

Once you have an accurate inventory, Proactive can provide you with full life-cycle management, vulnerability analysis and risk mitigation services in support of these IT assets.

Spend Wisely

Identify underutilized hardware and software assets and reclaim or reallocate for improved efficiency and savings. Make sure your most critical assets are properly protected and don’t overspend for unnecessary support.

Be Prepared for Audits

You never know when you’ll need to answer audit or compliance questions. Be ready to answer with certainty and expediency when asked for your IT asset inventory, licensing, patch, security, financial governance, risk and compliance (GRC) reports.

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