Operations Solutions
Let Proactive help you take your operations to the next level with insights from intelligent data analysis

Why Analytics?

As mobile devices, smart devices, and cloud computing continue to proliferate and change, the mountains of data we gather just keep increasing. Every time a customer interacts with a website or a device, data is being generated that could be used to help improve their experience or provide them with some useful service. It has become vital to keep up with the flood of data relevant to your own business and be able to derive meaningful, actionable insights from it. That's the job of your analytics platform, to deliver you insights rather than data to wade through.

Intelligent Insights

To configure your analytics you have to know the right things to measure, and provide the right insights to the right people at the right time. You can't rely just on noticing when the numbers have changed in meaningful ways. That's where the power of modern data analytics comes in, making use of the visual power of the brain by providing effective visualizations of numerical information that otherwise would not grab our attention.

Operational Analytics

An important subset of your business analytics you may not have thought about before is operational analytics. That's the insights you can gather specifically from your operational data, such your log files and event logs. These can pile up and hide the very insights you most need. Companies often don't review operational data until after some adverse event happens, when the best you can do is clean up the mess. If you are tracking the trends in your operational data, you have a real chance of catching problems early before they affect your customers or your bottom line and also streamlining your operations and improving your efficiency.

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