Operations Solutions
Proactive's consultants have extensive experience in the design of process control and automation environments for use in medium and large operational environments.

Process Automation

Do you have labs that have equipment from which you'd like to automate collection of data into your lab data? Proactive has experience adapting equipment into existing lab data acquisition (DAQ) environments.

Many times, automation of lab equipment data acquisition requires refinement to existing processes and procedures. Proactive can, not only, work with you to integrate your lab equipment to your lab DAQ environment, but also help refine the processes that utilize the lab equipment.

We have been commissioned by large corporate research facilities to integrate equipment into a lab DAQ environment that could not be previously integrated due to process and cross functional coordination issues. Proactive was able to successfully help define the lab and cross functional processes to support automated lab DAQ as well as design and implement the interfaces to enter captured data into the DAQ environment databases.

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